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You need a logo for your company, your software, your business, your party...? Creating a logo can be a hard task if you don’t know how, but now you will not have such problem, because thanks to Company Logo Designer, your own stylish logo will be ready in a matter of seconds.

How will you create the logo? Easy you will not have to do nothing about designin. Just choose the name and the slogan, then click next and a lot of logos will appear on screen (choose between 1, 9 or 25) and you will be able to choose one of them ror generate other 25, choosing if you liked the style, fonts, colors,... and change the other settings.

It is very easy and you will not have to know nothing about graphics, just insert what you want to appear and it will do the rest. Of course if you want to make it better, you will be able to change some setting and suit it to your needs.

The demo version will not save the logo.

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